Making a bequest

Enfants CICR 2

What can you bequeath to the ICRC?

In your will, you can bequeath any kind of assets:

  • Property: Real estate, jewels, works of art, furniture, collections, etc.
  • Securities: Listed company shares, bonds, investments and other financial products.
  • Other assets: Unlisted company shares, patents, royalties, etc.

What kind of bequest should you choose?

  • Specific bequest: You bequeath one or more specific items. It is important to specifically mention the item(s) bequeathed to the ICRC.
  • Residuary bequest: In the absence of a rightful heir, you can bequeath to the ICRC your entire estate after settlement of costs and any specific bequests.
  • Reversionary bequest: You leave what is left of your estate to the ICRC in the event that the original beneficiary dies, after settlement of the part of the estate that goes to the rightful heir, of all costs and of any other bequests.